Päivihelena Hallanoro

CEO & Founder, Space Planning Director
Phone: +358 40 167 331
Skype: paivihelena.corespace
E-mail: paivihelena@corespace.fi or corespace@corespace.fi

Contact Us

Our business ID is FI27653116

Address: c/o COREspace Oy, P.O. Box 3 00251 Helsinki

Our electronic invoice address code (EDI) is: 003727653116, and the operator code of our operator OpusCapita Group Oy is 003710948874.

Our e-mail address for electronic invoice scanning is: COREspaceOy.FI.P.108360-9@docinbound.com

Our aim is to promote electronic invoicing, so we hope to receive our invoices in electronic format whenever possible.

Invoices in paper format should be sent to:
COREspace Oy, PL 40230, 00063 LASKUNET
Please note that this address is for invoices only.

We are a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.