Päivihelena Hallanoro, Space Planning Director

“Before I founded COREspace, I moved back to Finland from Dubai. I worked as an interior design director for the Middle East region. I have lived in Japan and the United States for several years, where I also studied to be an interior designer. I am familiar with the domestic and international markets, as well as the requirements of space planning. I have also managed sales support functions and developed new modes of operation in order to improve work efficiency and profits.

By nature I am a visionary, and a person who throws herself into new things. I am quick at seizing matters and I am efficient at following them through. I am accustomed to seeing the bigger picture, but I’m also one to recognise the significance of detail.

I have a true desire to change how people think about space planning. For example, companies could improve their spaces from the viewpoint of management or on the basis of needs related to changes in operations.

I have a strong belief in the power of common experiences and in the ability to learn from others. An encouraging and empowering co-operation partner – that’s me.”